Sunday 12 January 2014

What is a locksmith?

a person who makes or repairs locks and keys.
1200–50; Middle English 

The locksmith profession first arose during the Middle Ages, derived from the Blacksmith who worked with metals to create battle and farming pieces for the local nobility and landowners. Over time the role of the blacksmith began to include more lock work and soon the locksmith became a profession in its own right. As locks developed and improved to keep our buildings secure so did the locksmiths, always keeping up to date with ever-changing locks and even more. 

In the modern day locksmiths do so much more than just cutting keys and opening doors. It is vital to keep our homes and offices safe and protected from intruders and the work of the locksmith is heavily involved with ensuring that your building is secure. In England and Wales it was found that between June 2012-2013 approximately 8.5 million crimes were reported by homes and resident adults. Although these numbers are a 7% decrease from the year before, at ASAP Locks we believe this is not low enough. We look forward to a day when burglary is a thing of the past.

To help keep your homes and businesses safe ASAP Locks offer:

Totnes LocksmithDoor and window lock supplied, fitted & opened
Emergency Locksmith Totnes24hr emergency lock out service
Tontes LocksmtihDoor and lock repairs
Emergency locksmith TotnesFull home security (keyed alike or to differ)
Tones Emergency LocksmithMaster Key systems
Totnes Emergency LocksmithUpvc multipoint locks
Totnes Emergency LocksmithSafe and Vault service, maintenance and repair
Emergency Locksmith TotnesPolice and Insurance approved
Totnes LocksmithBespoke solutions
Locksmiths TotnesDomestic and Commercial

A police and insurance approved company, ASAP Locks can be trusted to do all that it takes to ensure your security and with 28 years of experience, they really know their trade. Don’t delay, ensure your home and business security today and join our vision for a safer future.

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